The Panel of Independent Mediators (PIM) was originally launched in 1999 when Mediation in the UK was in its comparative infancy. When PIM was launched it had two principal objectives: to provide solicitors and their clients with an easy means to find the top names in UK commercial mediation thereby assisting the members to develop their practices; and to act as a forum for developing best practice and promotion of the growth of mediation in the UK.

The members of the group are now recognised as being among the leading practitioners in the profession in the UK and Internationally. All of the members work independently and through a variety of business models. They are known to conduct a very significant proportion of the major commercial mediations in the UK.

As the mediation market has matured and the members' status as the senior commercial mediators has been recognised, PIM has reorganised its structure and redefined its purpose and is now known as:

PIM Senior Mediators

Membership will continue to be by invitation based upon significant recognition by the market and by peers. Our objective is to expand our membership in the UK and internationally.
The members of PIM Senior Mediators (PIM SM) come together for the main purposes of growing the widespread use of mediation and maintaining and enhancing professional standards. PIM SM is not a commercial panel and we achieve our purposes by the following aims.

Our Aims

  • The membership is committed to high standards of skill and professionalism and will initiate public debate or thought development as may be required
  • The membership will assist in the promotion and development of mediation in the UK.
  • The membership is committed to continued professional development and to using PIM SM to maintain members' knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in mediation.
  • The membership will assist in the training and development of new mediators and promotion of high standards in mediator training courses, higher education, and professional training.
  • The membership will be available as a resource to Government industry and other interested bodies and will be available to join working parties and advisory groups.
  • PIM SM will provide commentators for the profession to all sections of the media.

Members are shown to the right. By clicking on any member's name, contact can be made direct with that member.

David Miles